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Top 20 Life Quotes | Motiovation achive your goal quickly | life quotes |

Life Quotes :-  Here are best life quotes to achive your goal quickly life quotes best life quotes and perfect life quotes find for you only life quotes inspire life quotes for your life to life quotes.

Life Quotes :-

Your prayers are 
being heard tonight 
stop overthinking

 Focus on the good

If you are stressed 
take a moment to yourself.
 we can't pour from 
an Empty glass

Sometime we lose 
ourslves looking for it
 in someone else
Blessed,thankful and focused

I've had to 
forgive people who 
weren't even sorry 
that's strength 

You get  to deside 
what side you're on.

Allow yourself
 to be a beginner.
 No one starts off 
being excellent. 

Your mind must arrive at your 
destination before your life does.

The speed dosen't matter, 
forward is forward.

Life Quotes

Englance is the only 
beauty thats never fades.

Don't let anyone drain you 
of your happiness.
Rise above the petty stuff. 

Never stop whst you're doing
 just because someone 
dosen't give you credit.

it takes nothing 
to join the crowd 
and everything to 
stand alone.

Manifest what you expect .
Refect on what you desire.
Become what you respect
and mirror what you aspire.

Hold the vision,
trust the process.

Your speed dosen't matter,
forward is forward.

Love who are 
and not what others 
want you to be.

What couse you

to nfail today will
strengthen you tomorrow.

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