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Motivational Quotes

1. Talk to yourself once a day, or you'll miss out on meeting the best in the world.

2. Salvation must be achieved by using one or more of the karma or puja or mental control or philosophy.

3. All the powers in the universe are ours. We have laid our hands on our eyes and they are saying that it is dark.

4. If the whole world stood against you with a sword in your hand, would you threaten to move forward?

5. Asks the British conscience; You can't wear the right clothes to become a Gentleman? Vivekananda: Our cultures make decent houses in costume but make the ordinary people of our culture gentlemen.

6. - We talk a lot of things like barkat, but we can't do it, we have a habit of talking and not doing it. What is the reason? This kind of weak brain can do nothing; We need to strengthen.

7. Even the greatest fool can accomplish a task. But there are intelligence that can change each job to your liking.

8. General Chat Chat Lounge Every job is going through this phase - ridicule, opposition, and then acceptance. This is a misunderstanding to people who think ahead of their time.

9. Faith, faith, is the gift of God, given by Himself, by faith. This is the secret of greatness

10. General Chat Chat Lounge All weakness, all bondage is imagination, do not be weak. Stand up and understand. This is all religion I know. Don't be weak You must be strong. You have limitless power.

11. Know everything that is better than others, but bring it in yourself and adopt it in your own way; Don't obey others completely.

12. You are the creator of your own life.

13. Look for the highest, think of the highest place, and you will reach the highest place.

14. If the whole world stood against you with a sword in your hand, would you threaten to move forward?

15. We need infinite power, infinite zeal, immense patience and endurance. Only then will great works be done by us.

16. Develop yourself. Keep in mind, speed and growth are the keys to survival.

17. Those who live alone, they live for others.

18. General Chat Chat Lounge All men in existence should have no fear, never fear that none of us will go, should not depend on anyone. You are free in the moment you reject all help.

19. - Whatever is good will come when this sleeping spirit awakens volunteer activities.

20. Take an idea Make this an idea in your life. Think about it. That dream, live on that fantasy. The brain, the muscles, the nerves, every element of your body have to live up to those ideas, and just let go of every other idea. This is the way to success

21. Follow your heart to the conflicts between heart and brain.

22. What is the reason for every misunderstanding? Discretion: Because, we look as people, but they are not. General Chat Chat Lounge General Chat Chat Lounge

23. Power is life and weakness is death.

24. Be a hero, always say, I'm not scared!

25. Take risks in your life, if you win, you can move forward, if you give up, you can guide!

26. We have your thoughts; So be careful what you think. The words are secondary. Thoughts directly; They travel.

27. You cannot trust God unless you believe in yourself.

28. 'The Golden Rule. General Chat Chat Lounge General Chat Chat Lounge Don't forget who is helping you. Don't love those who love you. Don't trust anyone who trusts you.

29The liberation of women, the enlightenment of the masses must come first, and then for any country, whatever good actually happens, India
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